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Company Profile

JDM (Jing Da Machine) Technology Limited, founded in Shenzhen 2007, (hereinafter referred to as JDM) is an R & D and manufacturing enterprise specializing in industrial intelligent automation solutions. 
JDM is specialized in providing automation production line, automation equipment, fixture, mold, parts processing etc. for various manufacturing enterprises. 
JDM owns an experienced technical team dedicated to mechanical, electronic and software technology and perfect supply chain integration resources, providing professional automatic production solutions for various customers. We use 3D modeling, 3D animation simulation, industrial "digital twin" and other technologies to pre-deduce the solution effectiveness and reduce the manufacturing risk and cost. We cooperate with professional MES system providers to launch intelligent digital factory solutions for our clients.Our products and services, widely used in the production and R & D fields of computer, communication, consumer electronics, household appliances, automobile, medical and health, toys, LED, warehousing logistics, military industry and other industries, will help clients improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs,
JDM is one of the most reliable assistants in upgrading factory for clients to realize the intelligent factory. JDM always adheres to the concept of "keeping pace with the times and constantly innovating", so as to provide better professional services for our clients.